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Benefits of Metal Roofing

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Feb 14, 2021

Benefits of Metal Roofing

While the upfront cost of metal roofing is typically higher than traditional asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing can save you money in the long term. Metal is one of the most energy efficient roofing materials available. Metal roofing is highly reflective, absorbing less of the solar radiation that heats its surface. A metal roof’s thermal emissivity allows it to effectively release the heat it does absorb. Highly reflective and emissive painted or granular-coated metal roofs reduce energy consumption. With the addition of heat deflective metal coatings energy costs can be reduced further.

A professionally installed quality metal roofing system is low-maintenance, exceptionally durable, and can protect from a wide variety of weather conditions. A metal roof will not warp, crack, rot, or even rust when finished with anti-corrosion coatings. Impact resistant metal roofing is naturally tough and resistant to hail damage. Metal is inherently non-combustible, which is why most metal roofing carries a Class A fire-resistant rating, the highest possible. Metal roofs are rated to withstand high winds due to their large interlocking panels which resist uplift and protects the structure from water intrusion during heavy rains. Aluminum and zinc coatings make metal roofing an optimal choice for marine conditions as they stand the test of time when exposed to salt air and water near the coast.

Considered one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable roofing materials available, metal roofs are virtually 100% recyclable, eliminating landfill issues. Metal roofing materials are made with a minimum percentage of recycled materials depending on the specific metal. Metal roofing weighs less than other types of roofing materials which allows newly constructed homes to be designed with a lighter structure, using less building materials during construction.

Metal roofing is incredibly versatile and is available in modern, traditional, and rustic styles to accentuate the architecture of your home. The colors, finishes, and profiles of standing seam and stone coated steel metal roofing allow you to truly customize your roofing system. The beauty and benefits of metal roofing typically increases the resale value of a property and is why so many homeowners in central and south Texas are choosing metal roofing.

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