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Galvalume® Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Galvalume® is a tough and durable coating used to protect steel from corrosion. Standing seam metal roofing systems constructed of Galvalume® last longer, require less maintenance, and offer exceptional value. Galvalume® is an ideal material for a standing seam metal roofing system. Standing seam metal roofs use a hidden fastener system, meaning that the metal panels are never perforated to fasten them to the roof. Galvalume® is only protective if its coating remains unbroken, so it is not recommended to use Galvalume® with an exposed fastener system. Galvalume® metal roofing is used for industrial, modern, and rustic projects. Galvalume’s® matte finish is more subtle than traditional, shiny, or spangled galvanized metal panels. Galvalume® standing seam metal roofing provides a sophisticated metal accent for residential and commercial applications.

Galvalume® vs Galvanized

Galvalume® and Galvanized coatings are not the same. Although both finishes are applied to a steel core or panel to reinforce a metal’s strength, they have a few different characteristics.

Galvanized steel contains a zinc oxide coating which protects the inner layer of steel, preventing oxidation, corrosion, and rusting. The crystalline surface of galvanized steel is created by the chemical bond between the steel and zinc and helps metal roofs and siding remain intact for decades. Galvanized coating extends the life of the steel roof panels because it helps resist the scuffing and scratching that may occur over its lifetime. However, as the coating wears down over time, or if the coating is significantly penetrated, corrosion begins to occur. The corrosion spreads over time and causes the steel beneath the bonded layer to shed the galvanized layer. You can expect a galvanized steel roof to start showing its age after 10 to 15 years.

Galvalume® metal roofing panels have all the advantages of galvanized metal plus increased protection against corrosion. The Galvalume®coating of corrosion-resistant aluminum-zinc alloy is applied by a continuous hot dipping process and takes advantage of the best properties of both metals. Zinc bonds with the steel to create a barrier to moisture, providing galvanic cut edge protection. The aluminum gives the steel additional protection against corrosion and increases reflectance, resulting in a lower energy load on buildings and improved interior comfort. If damage does occur to a Galvalume® roofing panel, the aluminum keeps any corrosion in the damaged area from spreading to the rest of the panel.

Galvalume® comes with a 25-year warranty against rupture, rust perforation, or failure due to corrosion, which is something that cannot be provided with galvanized steel. A Galvalume® standing seam metal roofing system is a high-performance metal roofing option that can outlast other roofing materials by many years. It is ideal for use in areas that experience high-temperatures, high-precipitation, and marine environments.

Benefits of Galvalume®

The primary benefit of Galvalume® standing seam metal roofing is corrosion resistance. The addition of aluminum in the coating increases the coating’s corrosion resistance by a factor of two, making it a great roofing option for areas that experience high humidity or salt spray.

Galvalume® does not add a significant amount of weight to the steel, meaning the steel maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio. The coating is as strong and durable as the steel itself. Although the Galvalume® coating is strong, it is also flexible so it will not crack or flake while the metal is being formed. Galvalume® metal roofing panels can easily be rolled, bent, stamped, and fabricated without losing the protection of its coating.

Bare Galvalume®

Galvalume® coating amounts range from .40 ounces to .60 ounces, or AZ40 to AZ60. Galvalume® is designed to be coated with a top layer of paint or stone aggregate, but bare Galvalume® roofs are extremely popular. Part of their popularity is due to their cost effectiveness in comparison to their painted counterparts.

Galvalume® panels begin as shiny silver but oxidize to a dull gray and have a long lifespan. Galvalume® panels usually come with a top coating of clear acrylic paint which assists when running through the roll forming process and slows down oxidation.

Energy Efficiency

Steel coated with Galvalume® has superior reflectance to sunlight, which reduces heat absorption through the roof panels. Galvalume® is also resistant to high temperatures. When re-emissive pigments are used with Galvalume® you have a corrosion resistant, energy-efficient roof. With appropriate insulation under your Galvalume® standing seam metal roof, you can experience reduced heating and cooling costs.

Long Term Durability

Galvalume’s® superior performance has been proven in over thirty years of field tests, continually showing thatGalvalume® delivers superior corrosion resistance compared to Galvanized panels. The performance of Galvalume® panels in the construction industry is so superior that steel mills warranty it against rupture, perforation, or failure due to corrosion.

Like all steel products, Galvalume® standing seam metal roofing systems need little maintenance and repair, providing cost savings over time. Unpainted Galvalume® can last more than 40 years without an appreciable change in appearance.

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