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Paint Grip/Bonderized Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Bonderized steel, commonly referred to as Paint Grip, is Galvanized G90 that has been put through a phosphate bath and has a layer of Chromate applied and dried which leaves the steel ready to accept paint. This process creates a dull gray colored finish. Bonderized is meant to be painted, but in recent years architects have used it for exposed roofing and siding applications without applying paint to the steel to achieve a beautiful dull gray weathered look. We offer different profiles that will complement the architecture and design of your property.

Important Information When Choosing Bonderized Steel

Coloration: When you choose bonderized for your roofing project, we recommend that you get a sample prior to purchase. The color and finish of Bonderized varies from batch to batch. The coating process makes it difficult to control the color and pattern of the finish. The finish may differ noticeably from batch to batch, panel to panel, or even within the same coil. The colors can vary from dark gray to lighter gray, and some may even have a tint of yellow. Additionally, there may be small bare spots, light streaking, minor scratches, or a residue left from the coating process.

We obtain our materials from manufacturers that maintain a reputation for providing as consistent a finish as possible within batches. We complete each Bonderized project from the same batch of steel and we do our best to ensure that the entire job has a matching finish. If your project is ongoing, it is best to pre-pay for the Bonderized materials so that the coils can be reserved from the same batch.

Planning: Proper planning for the installation of Bonderized is important. Weather and temperature changes affect the material so it is important that you work closely with us when scheduling your project and understand that your roof installation may change due to weather conditions. When the material arrives on the jobsite it cannot get wet, either from rain or condensation due to temperature changes. If moisture does infiltrate a tightly stacked bundle of Bonderized roofing or siding panels and remains there, it will cause a white rust to form. Bonderized roofing materials need to be installed immediately or stored in a completely dry place.

It is worth noting that we can work together to do everything right when planning your Bonderized standing seam roof installation and it is still possible that it will develop white rust. Typically, Bonderized panels are used when trying to achieve a rustic aesthetic and surface rust adds character to the steel, making it appear aged.

Scratching: Unpainted Bonderized scratches more easily than other metal roofing products and many small scratches may be visible after the panels have been roll formed. To prevent this, a strippable plastic film can be used. The plastic is applied during the roll forming process and peeled off prior to the panels being bundled. Perforation of the metal can cause rust to spread across the panels, however, the ability of this roofing material to rust is the very reason that some people choose to install it.

Warranty: It is important to note that Bonderized does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty due to its tendency to weather faster than other metal roofing options. If any of the characteristics of Bonderized metal roofing concerns you, there are ways to achieve a similar aged look through painted metal roofing products.

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